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Prepare For IELTS Skills And Strategies Book Two Reading And Writing

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nsearch English - Prepare For IELTS Skills And Strategies Book Two Reading And Writing:

Prepare for IELTS: skills and strategies focuses o­n the language skills and strategies candidates need in order to complete the four modules of the IELTS test. It aims to consolidate the skills required to perform well in the test and to familiarise the user with specific question types and to familiarise the user with the companion titles prepare for IELTS: Academic practice tests or prepare for IETLS: general training practice tests which contain sample tests.

Prepare for IELTS: skills and strategies is in two volumes: Book o­ne - listening amd speaking, and book two - reading and writing. Topics, skills and strategies studied in o­ne volume are generic and complement those studied in the other, thereby enhancing your overall preparation for all four modules of the test.

Each module begins with a detailed description of the contents and format of each test. All question types are covered and practice opportunities given. Strategies are emphasised and developed across all modules, using a broad range of topics appropriate for all sections of IELTS. All midules include Reports for giving feedback ar as a checklist. For listening and reading, these reports cover all question types and skills, thile the reports for speaking and writing address the assessment criteria and their constituents or sub-skills for these tests. All secions of each book have photocopiable materials, including answer sheets for listening and reading. Photocopiable materials are indentified by the icon.

They not o­nly provide practive in particular question types but also address generall listening skills. Practice tasks further develop language skills by forcusing o­n numbers, distinguishing features and other key areas important to IELTS.

The speaking module addresses the three parts of the test and focuses o­n assessment used to estalish a band score for this skill area. Language functions are examined using a range for IELTS topices. Again there are Practice tasks and 2, and topic cards to give further practice in speaking suitable for all three parts of the speaking test as well as vocabulary work sheets to organise and develop vocabulary and word forms by topic.

The reading module provides practice for all question types through activities and practice tasks with appropriate texts for both academic and general tranning modules provided.

The writing module addresses task 1 and task 2 for both academic and general tranining midules, and inludes activities, pracice descriptions... would like to introduce to you!